Crochet Chart used in Crafty Bones Designs

Inspiration behind my Merchandise Adventure

You may ask me, why are you using crochet charts on mugs and shirts?

When looking at the crochet and yarn industry and wanting to buy a mug for myself I was finding it hard to find something that really spoke to me.  I am a crafter at heart who also loves artwork and shapes.  

When I was learning to read crochet patterns and crochet charts I was in awe of how intricate or how simple they could be and still be beautiful.  I want to be able to share that side of crochet with everyone. 

Someone might see you with your shirt on and not realize it is anything other than a cool design that might look like a flower or something lacy to them.  But you can talk to them about how it is actually a pattern to make using yarn and a crochet hook to actually make that flower chart design into a crochet flower. 

I am trying to bring out the beauty that is within crochet for everyone to be able to enjoy.  

Be sure to follow along to see all the different design and ideas I have coming up to share with you.


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